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CENAS Project


Role and Contribution of the participating organization
The Danish Hydraulic Institute will be responsible for the sediment transport modelling, using the models developed by DHI.
The models in question is the one-dimensional model LITPACK and the two-dimensional morphological model MIKE 21 ST.
From the findings in the investigations of the hydrodynamic conditions, the models are set up to calculate the sediment transport in the local area.
By MIKE 21 ST the bed level changes due to the changed hydrodynamic conditions will be estimated and the result will be evaluated and compared to the present state development.
By LITPACK the littoral drift will be calculated. Based on historical recordings the coastline evolution model in LITPACK will be calibrated and the estimated coastline changes will be found.
Experience of participating Organization and the project manager/responsible Scientist
Danish Hydraulic Institute (DHI) is a non-profit consulting and research organization developing and applying state-of-the art methods and techniques within hydraulic and water resources engineering. In the Coastal and Environmental Division research and development activities have from the very beginning been directed towards establishment and application of advanced, deterministic models accouting for the sediment transport in coastal area in a physically realistic manner.
The responsible scientist, Mrs. (M.Sc. Ph.D.) Ann Skou has 6 years of experience with sediment transport modelling and has been the project manager in the development of the DHI model LITPACK.
Consistency of the proposed project with the research policy of the participating organization
During years DHI have worked within the area of coastal evolution modelling.
This will be a task which give good information about the influence of subsidence on the hydrodynamics and morphology at the given site and give the basis for further research in the time scale effects of artificial bed level changes over larger areas.
Exploration and Dissemination Policy relating to the results
Results will be exchanged with the participants of the project on a week-to-week basis. The results of the study will be published in internationally recognized journal and presented on appropiate international conferences.

Presentation author: Andrea Pellizzon