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CENAS Project


Role and contribution of the participating organization
The Department of Methods and Mathematical Models for the Scientific Applications of the University of Padova has the role of coordinator of this project: it will provide the key links between the european partners of the study and the local Authorities. The Department will work directly in the project on the following research fields: collection of the avalaible data on the subsidence; set up of the subsidence models; previsional simulations of subsidence.
The Methods and Mathematical Modelling Department has a large know-how in mathematical models of the subsidence phenomena related as to the natural events as to the anthropic effetcs (groundwater withdrawal and gas exploitation). It has worked directly on the territory object of the study performing subsidence analyses of the Venice Lagoon and of the Ravenna Municipality area. It is proprietary of several computer codes for groundwater and subsidence simulations that have the more advanced state of the art related to the mathematical approach and to the numerical solutions of the equations.
Consistency of the proposed project with the reasearch policy
The research activity proposed in the study links completely with the global experience of the Department and with the new research strategies especially for the integration within different mathematical tools to obtain a general numerical simulation of the subsidence and of the sea level rise .
Exploitation and dissemination policy relating to the results
The results of the activity phases will be exchangsed with the participants of the projects to give the input data of the different simulation models. The results of the study will be communicated directly to the local Authorities which can finance the project, published in an internationally recognized journal and presented on appropriate international conferences to permit its implementation also in similar circumstances in the EC.

Presentation author: Andrea Pellizzon