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CENAS Project


Role and contribution of the participating organization
ARPA (formerly Idroser Agenzia) will carry out the collection and critical analysis of available data and previous studies in the first phase. Consequently they will set up an integrated database and procedure control.
ARPA will also create a PRE/POST PROCESSING STRUCTURE that will allow aeral interpolation of data and model results using geostatistical procedures and historical series analyses by means of statistical techniques.
ARPA will finally collaborate in preparing forecast scenarios and impact analysis on the coastal environment as well as assessing their implementation in similar circumstances.
Founded in 1975 with the joint particicpation of the Regione Emilia-Romagna and ENI (National Hydrocarbon Corporation), ARPA came more and more to represent a scientific-technical means of dealing with the problems emerging from the overall planning of water, subsidence, waste disposal, coastal protection, energy recovery and impact assessment.
ARPA has a deep knowledge of subsidence causes and effects in both mainland problems and sea/coastal environments. Experience and know-how in coastal areas engineering allow the Company to have a wide knowledge of the coastline subject to the study and will help to examine critically the forecasting results of the simulation modelling.
Consistency of the proposed project with the reasearch policy
The objectives that ARPA intend to pursue are relative to the achievement of advanced knowledge of sea level rise phenomenon and of subsidence proble able to supply updated tools for their interpretation and to reach avant-guard technical solution. The collaboration with the other participants will allow to compare different experiences of other EC countries on the subject .
Exploitation and dissemination policy relating to the results
The results of the project will be utilized by ARPA to develop strategies for dealing with coastal protection in the study area in odrer to manage the environmental control. The results of the study will be published in periodical, scientific magazines in order to provide the public with information on the project.
Most relevant Studies and Publications on the project subject:

Presentation author: Andrea Pellizzon