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CENAS Project


Role and contribution of the participating organisation
MED INGEGNERIA will be major sub proposer of Padua University. MED INGEGNERIA will develop the model to analyse the macro scale littoral dynamics and it will carry out its applications. MED INGEGNERIA will play an important role in the Phase C of the project in which it will apply the simulation package, to predict the local site coastline evolution for the different scenarios. In this phase MED INGEGNERIA will strictly collaborate with other partners for the result analysis.
Experience of participating organization and the project manager/responsible Scientist
Founded in 1992 MED INGEGNERIA works as consultant in the field of environmental engineering. The approach to the engineering problems is essentially based on the numerical models application. The organization has scientific links with University of Padua, University of Leuven and Danish Hydraulic Institute that participate to this project. MED INGEGNERIA is working for AGIP to evaluate and predict local subsidence caused by gas exploitation in the Ravenna area, and it is working for Ravenna Municipality to set up a mathematical model to study the behaviour of the phreatic aquifer in order to analyse the subsidence caused by local withdrawals. The responsible scientist, Marco Gonella, has 5 years of experience with numerical modelling application in hydrodynamic, sediment transport and subsidence fields; he is also the technical responsible of MED INGEGNERIA.
Consistency of the proposed project with the research policy
The prediction of the morphological coastline evolution due to the subsidence and to the sea level rise is very interesting for MED INGEGNERIA in order to collect data and expertise on the Emilia-Romagna littoral problems and on the numerical models development and application.
Most relevant Studies and Publication on the project subject:

Presentation author: Andrea Pellizzon