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Storm wave simulation in the Adriatic Sea

When strong winds are blowing over a long fetch, high waves with a lot of energy are generated. In the Adriatic Sea, the Scirocco storms rare marked by a steady south-easterly wind, which last for a few days. In the northern part of the Adriatic Sea, this results in a large swell wave. They are very important for morphological effects. To simulate one of these Scirocco storms, the WAM model is implemented for the Adriatic Sea. WAM is a leading wave prediction model of the third generation. The WAM model is fully spectral and explicitly accounts for wind input. Non linear interactions, dissipation due to whitecapping and bottom friction are included in the model implementation. The output of the model consists of time series of the wave parameters in the given locations and of contour plots, representing the wave parameters.
Among seven historical storms, the Scirocco storm of the end of January 1986 is selected because then, the highest surge level occurred in Ravenna. (link to Storm Surge Model (5)) This storm is then scaled according to the reference levels of the storm surges in Ravenna to obtain the 1 year, 10 year and 100 year storm events.
These three storms are simulated with the WAM model.

Presentation author: Andrea Pellizzon