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Wave refraction in the Upper Adriatic Sea
The spectral refraction model LOMBOK is designed to bring offshore wave statistics, derived from measurement campaigns at two platforms, towards the inshore locations near the 10 m depth line.

Location of the offshore platforms

The wave climate can be represented as a wave rose, a polar plot representing the frequency distribution of the significant wave height in the directional sectors.
The deep water wave climate is the result of a syntheses of the data of the measurement campaigns. Variations in the fetch length of the wind, an important parameter for the wave growth, are taken into account to derive the deep water boundary conditions for the model LOMBOK. The model results in the wave roses for the three locations at 10 and 20 m depth.
Ravenna 10 m Ravenna 20 m
Cesenatico 10 m Cesenatico 20 m
Rimini 10 m Rimini 20 m

These inshore wave climates are used in the LITPACK model of the Danish Hydraulic Institute to perform Sediment Budget Calculations.

Presentation author: Andrea Pellizzon